Installing ESPEI from PyPI (by pip install espei) is not supported. Please install ESPEI using Anaconda.

conda install -c conda-forge espei

Development versions

To make changes to the ESPEI source code, the development version must be installed. If you’ll need to make changes to pycalphad simultaneously, follow the instructions to install the development version of pycalphad first.

To install the latest development version of ESPEI, use Anaconda to install the required dependencies using the environment-dev.yml file found in ESPEI’s GitHub repository, then install ESPEI using pip.:

git clone
cd espei
conda env update --file environment-dev.yml
pip install --no-deps -e .

With the development version installed, you can run the automated tests by running pytest.

To upgrade your development version to the latest version, run git pull from the top level ESPEI directory (the directory containing the file).